Update:  The final language was submitted to the California Attorney General on October 2, 2017.  Petition circulation will begin in November.

A California proposition for the November 2018 ballot that:

Lowers Costs Dramatically

Eliminates Admissions Gatekeeping

Establishes the Public's Right to Access Public Universities Online

Creates a new University of California Online

Allows UC, CSU, and CCC Students to Finish Online

Allows Students to Take Courses at Their Own Pace

Allows the Public to Audit All Courses at No Cost

Creates Funding for:

Merit Based In-State Student Scholarships

UC, CSU, and CCC Student Food Pantries

Need Based In-State Student Housing

Creates the Highest Quality, Lowest Cost, Most Accessible University in the World

Without Impacting the Tax Payer

#UCO. ​California proposition by Boyd Roberts. Establishes the public's right to access the University of California (UC) online without impacting the taxpayer.​


Committee to Support


                                   [Paid for by the Committee to Support a University of California Online Constitutional Amendment.  ID #1373815]

Constitutional Amendment #UCO

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