Volunteers Needed

Website Designer/Builders

Social Media Campaign Directors

3 to 6 Second Video Clip Producers

3 to 6 Second Video Clip Writers

3 to 6 Second Video Clip Actors


Get 15 Signatures, Ask Two Friends to Do the Same, and Ask Those Friends to Continue the Chain

UCO has cleared the California Attorney General.  We now have until April to collect over 585,407 signatures to get it on the November 2018 ballot.  Registered voters in California can help by circulating petitions, collecting 15 signatures, getting two of their friends to collect 15 signatures, asking those friends to continue the chain. 

There are over 4 million high school (Californians who will be 18 years of age by November 6, 2018 and can sign), CCC, CSU, and UC students at any given time.  There are millions more parents.  Many of these students and parents are on social media.  We can do this