Volunteers Needed

Website Designer/Builders

Social Media Campaign Directors

3 to 6 Second Video Clip Producers

3 to 6 Second Video Clip Writers

3 to 6 Second Video Clip Actors


The University of California Online is not inevitable.  Universal access to the University of California is not inevitable. Lowering costs and lessening the need for students to take on so much student debt, is not inevitable.

We need your support, your money, your time, your creativity, your passion.  We need you to solicit your friends and family for their support, their money, their time, their creativity, their passion.  This is very doable.  We can do it.

As of October 5, 2017 the final language has been submitted to the California Attorney General.  We should clear the AG in November.     

Once it clears the AG, we will have 180 days to gather over 585,407 signatures to get it on the November 2018 ballot.  We visualize a full press, concerted "Ice Bucket Challenge"/"Woman's March" type social media campaign to obtain these signatures.  We see an army of students and parents asking and tagging their friends and neighbors to sign the petition and volunteer to gather the signatures of other registered voters.  We see this army making short video clips memorializing their ask and posting on Facebook and Twitter.

There are over 4 million high school (Californians who will be 18 years of age by November 6, 2018 and can sign), CCC, CSU, and UC students at any given time.  There are millions more parents.  Many of these students and parents are on social media.  Over 585,407 valid signatures are very doable.