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A few words from the founder:

I was born into a family of teachers and believe strongly in higher education.  My father taught history at UNLV.  My mother was an art, elementary, and junior high school teacher.  My step mother taught elementary school.  My step father was an assistant vice president at California State University, San Bernardino, where I graduated with a BA in Economics in 1982.  By trade, I am a real estate professional.  I have twin sons currently attending Santa Barbara City College.

Although, I am a candidate for California’s 48th Congressional district, I have been working on UCO since 2013.  I founded the Committee to Support a University of California, Online Constitutional Amendment in November of 2014.   

Education is always the answer.  Access to education is our right.  UCO is my purpose in life.     

Humbly submitted April 27, 2017,

Boyd Roberts